Leader of the magical resistance, he seeks the liberation of magical people.


A young eladrin, slim with long blonde hair and blue eyes, he is physically attractive.
He often wears a long white cloak, concealing a full white army uniform. He also wears a crown, asserting his presence as leader.

Mephistopholes is known as the last Eladrin, after the slaughter during the great magical war. He somehow managed to survive Francis Hexwind’s plot, and has now resurged calling all magical people to rise against the Salvation Empire.

He is a powerful wizard, wielding ‘Hecate’, once owned by the archmage Maverisk, to manipulate elemental magic to a very high level.

He is a strong leader, inspiring many allies in the oppressed and garnering support for his plot. This was exemplified after he was crowned the king of all magical people.

There are rumors that someone else is behind these plots, and that all is not what it seems.
He now owns a small white dragon,



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