Nicholas Drake

Heir to the drake legacy, his name bears infamy across the world.


Nicholas is a young man, with short wavy blonde hair.
He often wears very delicate clothes, to display his nobility to all around him, but in battle he wears armor that suits several different styles of combat.

Nicholas is son of Ser Lucas Drake, and grandson of Ser Renard Drake. His family have been famous for centuries as the most skilled warriors in the city of kings. The are high nobles, with their name alone garnering support across the continent.

Nicholas is arrogant, his name has given him pride over the course of his life, which he exerts over others at any opportunity.
He often travels with another noble, Thia, and his slave Skamos.

Nicholas is skilled in combat, as are his entire family, he has displayed several different styles of combat, wielding his battle expertise at all times.

It was found that he seeks to prove himself to his father, who has never shown him much affection, it drives his actions.
He appears to have little empathy for the magical people, with his family keeping many slaves form the previous war.


Nicholas Drake

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