Queen Ellindros

Queen of the elves, rules from the tree of sanctity.


The Queen is both beautiful and wise.
She has long blonde hair that she prefers to place in one braid, she has green eyes and pale skin, her head is adorned with a crown of twigs, adorned in gold.

It is clear that Ellindros always dresses up for the occasion, her signature style of gown is a long v neck gown with a side slit, she prefers to have personally sewn dresses from Anthony Tree.
She usually wears heels as well, but they don’t seem to stop her in battle.

The Queen is cautious above all else, after being defeated in the previous war at the last stand many elves were captured, and she was forced to agree to the terms of the salvation empire just to keep her people safe.
Since this time, she has kept the elves from being involved in any conflicts, this led to many of her people resenting her and it even led to the drow fleeing the forest of light en mass.

In battle she wields the longsword ‘Pan’, and controls the power of the tornado.
She is also a skilled archdruid, preffering to morph into a deadly swarm of insects to overwhelm her opponents. She is very experienced in battle, also being a renowned military leader.


Queen Ellindros

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