Another hecking civil war

The archmage

The group started the session by having a moral dilemna in the forest of light. Eventually they decided to go and find Maverisk the mage.

They walked through the forest, being urged not to go near the tree of sanctity by the elves.
Eventually they came out of the forest and reached a coastal village that had been taken over by the sahuaghin.
Here they met Tim, a large sahuaghin with four arms , a trident in each. They also met Steve, a sahuaghin priestess, dressed in seaweed.

They conversed with the group, whipping slaves the entire time. Here the group found that the city of the west was once linked to the dragonborn isles, but it dissapeared after the war. Destroyed by the salvation empire. He also informed the group that Maverisk is a Deva, an angellic race.

After talking with the slaves, who overdramatised their suffering. They found that Francis Hexwind, Cole’s father had visited these parts a lot after the war.

Evetually they swam off, using the boat that they really did not notice for a long time. As they travelled across the sea they were approached by Dad and the merfolk.

It turns out that Dad and Tim are arch enemies, and Dad was on the way to see Tim.
Dad told the group that the merfolk had helped to take Moist Town for the wizard. He also shared that there is a massive amount of magic slightly further out in the sea.

As they travel further out into the sea, they quickly sense a large amount of magic that feels like gravity is pushing them down.

They decide to chat with a seagull, gull. He tells them that he hates this place since there is such heavy magic is a sphere like radius.
He says that the point that they are at the most powerfully magic point, it is noticeably devoid of life.

Hortensia pulls out the saphire which seems to disrupt the field of magic. As they all channel their magic into it, it shatters and a portal appears.

They enter through the portal, and seem to be near a beautiful island, filled with forest and lots of temples.
After a minute, a stranger appears between them, teleporting the group into a large room.

Here there is a

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