Cole Hexwind

A noble known as the 'Witchhunter', he specialises in killing magical creatures


A middle age man, he wears a long robe and is very slim.
His hair beginning to fade from dark to grey, he has a small goatee
His eyes are piercing.

Cole Hexwind comes from a line of strong enchanters, in loyal service to the crown.
He rose to fame quickly after the magical war, earning the title of witch hunter as he hunted down those who practiced magic and killed them.

He is regarded highly as a noble and is famous across the world for his calculated approach to all problems, many seek favor with him.
In the past he has helped others rise to power, Marcello Ludin, was once his best friend as a child. Now he owes everything to Hexwind.

Hexwind is known for his powerful enchantment magic, he is nicknamed the ‘puppet master’ for his ability to control his opponents in battle, and for his legacy in manipulating his enemies.


Cole Hexwind

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