Gretchen Schweinegesicht

Noble, A council member residing in the city of the free.


Gretchen is the first council member that the group came across.

She was large and had terrible skin, but her worst feature was her blatant racism and lack of empathy for other creatures.
She hates creatures that are a minority and prefers to live the the capital city, amongst other human nobles.

She is described as ‘the flash’ due to her immense speed, for which she holds a magical seal as a council member.
She takes orders directly from Cole Hexwind


The city of the free

The group was first was individually invitied to ‘Eestronia’, the city of the free, by Lady Gretchen as potential candidates for the kings honour guard.

She met the group in her small pink office, painted with pictures of her family and of cats, nothing out of place. A large ginger cat wandered the room, watching the group.
She scoffed at the dragonborn and tieflings, displaying her overt racism to what she called ‘lesser creatures’, but understood that there was a higher purpose.

She invited the group to take part in a series of trials that would test their capabilities, the first one being to find her ‘Golden Brutwurst’ necklace and bring it back to her.

Several days later the group brought back the necklace, informing Lady Gretchen of the eye painted in a sun within the goblin cave. She seemed concerned, but informed them of their next tasks.

To find a ring in the orc settlements up in the mountains
To retrieve a trident from a lost city, near to moist town. Their contact being Cole Hexwind.
To retrieve a list of weapons and artifacts from a hobbit settlement to west.

The group returned once more several days later, telling Lady Gretchen about the slaughter of the hobbits, and the mystery surrounding the events. She told them to go and see Hexwind.


Over the next few weeks, Gretchen became increasingly paranoid, agitated by the movements of magical creatures.
She had all the hobbit children arrested for treason, fearing that they would turn on her.
She had begun to increase taxes on magical people, and had the head of the city guard, Ser Varon, intimidate her enemies.
She had also betrayed the trust of her highest ranking guard, ‘Lady Jane’ by ordering the execution of her adopted child, persecuted for performing a magical spell in Gretchen’s presence.
She became mad with power, oppressing all magical people. After she attended the execution of the genasi child, she returned to her palace, this is when the siege began.

Amidst the fighting, the main adventurers killed her butler, Hovis, and confronted her.
She looked down on them even at this point and used her speed to overwhelm the team, but eventually her own magic was turned against her; she was impaled into a large set of doors. As she rattled on, extending her last breath, Kaliston shot an eldritch blast towards her. Killing her instantly.


It was revealed that Gretchens downfall was the result of an intricate plan put together by Cole Hexwind and Ser Ivan Alexander, due to her increasingly risky movements. The guards not completely loyal to her had left the city, leaving her vulnerable

Gretchen Schweinegesicht

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