Elven royalty, her loyalties lie unknown.


Immeris has short white hair, styled in a pixie cut. She is slim, you can tell just by looking at her that she has skill and speed.
She wears dark clothing, styled well to help her fit into any town setting. Across her back a longbow is strung.
She is drow.

Not much is known about Immeris, Mephistopholes refers to her as an skilled ally, whereas Gretchen Schweinegesicht calls her an assassin, a criminal.
She wields the longbow ‘Aphrodite’, and is wanted by the Salvation Empire for criminal activites, she is also skilled in combat, preffering to fight her enemies at long range.

She is the half sister of the elven queen, Ellindros, but chose to flee the forest of light after the war.

It was noted by the main adventuring group that she wore a necklace with a symbol of an eye carved into it.
She has a similar appearance to Zava.



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